Tuesday, February 28. 2017
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It's a gram-iPhone: The dock that uses a horn to amplify music from your smartphone

Old-school horn speaker amplifies the sound from the iPhone speakers
For the mobile gadget enthusiast who nonetheless loves to have that period look at home, one U.S. designer has come up with the ultimate iPhone dock.
The iPhone Gramophone borrows the iconic analogue horn speaker from the earliest sound playback devices and uses it to amplify the sound from Apple gadgets' weedy speakers.

Simply place your iPad or iPhone in the solid walnut base and the metal horn will boost the volume of the gadget's speakers by three or four times - with no need for electricity.

The retro device is the brainchild of Matt Richmond, a San Francisco-based furniture designer who built the original prototype from a Twenties horn speaker bought from an East Bay antiques shop.

'I found this old Victrola horn that had a shape I really loved, and I thought, "How cool would it be if I could use this with my phone?",' he said.

'I held up my phone to the opening on the speaker, and I could immediately tell it was something that would work.'

Taking a heavy piece of hardwood, Mr Richmond carved a hole for the horn, a slot for his phone, and a channel to connect the two.

The result was a elegant but functional iPhone speaker dock, with no battery or plug required.

The nascent product needed little in the way of marketing: everyone who saw Mr Richmond's original device wanted one of their own and soon, after word reached the internet, he had more orders than he could hope to fill.

So Mr Richmond refined his designs and teamed up with luxury brand Restoration Hardware to bring his product to a wider audience.

Compatibility: With a base hand-crafted from solid walnut, the Gramophone accepts all iPhone models - the new connector on the iPhone 5 poses no technical problems for its iron and brass horn

With a base hand-crafted from solid walnut, the retail version of the iPhone Gramophone accepts all iPhone models - the new connector on the iPhone 5 poses no technical problems for its iron and brass horn.

Like Mr Richmond's original prototype it needs no electricity or batteries, and so can be used wherever its owner bothers to heft it.

However, its old-school amplification technology means its not for head bangers.

'It’s not overpowering, so it’s great in the background,' Mr Richmond said. 'And it’s directional – you can point the horn where you want the sound. If you put it in a corner it’ll really fill a room.'

The iPhone Gramophone is available online from Restoration Hardware for $249 (£155)


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