Tuesday, March 31. 2015
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Terrorists arrested in Kurdistan Region

Asaish (Kurdish security forces) had managed to arrest two terrorists belong to ISIS, on Sunday, November 03, 2013, in Aqra district- Duhok.
A statement issued by the Asaish, PUKmedia had a copy of it, confirming that security forces in Kurdistan Region cooperating with Asaish forces had arrested two terrorists belong to the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS), these two terrorists were planning to execute terrorist operations targeting the Asaish building in Aqra district located in Duhok province.
The first arrested terrorist named Qutaiba Ahmed Qasim (abu Qutada al-Muslim) 1996- Aleppo/ Syria, he is one of the nine terrorists who managed to enter the Iraqi territory from the city of Mosul and gated his training by terrorist group to execute terrorist operations.
The second one named Muqdad Abdalnaser Khored 1967 he is a resident in the city of Mosul, the two terrorists had planed from a terrorist attack targeting the Asaish building in Aqra- Duhok using explosive belts and devices to execute the operation.
Kurdistan Region had witnessed a terrorist attack I the safe city of Erbil which targeted the Asaish building, killing and injuring dozens of innocent people, but the Asaish forces had managed to arrest the planers of the attack.


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