Erbil Governor Dr. Firsat Sofi One year history of working as a governor

Erbil Governor Dr. Firsat Sofi One year history of working as a governor

12.09.2019 Dr. Firsat Sofi has officially become the governor of Erbil city after winning 27 votes among 28 members of council of governorate.

16.09.2019 in a special official ceremony in the presence of the president of Kurdistan region Nechirvan Barzany and the minister of interior ministry Rebar Ahmed, Dr. Firsat Sofi took an oath of the loyalty to the government.

03.11.2019 Dr. Firsat Sofi had met with James Thornton British consul general in Erbil and a delegation of business men and British companies.

03.11.2019 Dr. Sofi had met with Safin Dzaiy, Nawzad gadi and Fawzi Hariry a delegation of presidency of Kurdistan region and department of foreign relations of Kurdistan region government.

04.11.2019 in a meeting of council of governorate of Erbil Dr. Sofi has announced the 4 year future plan of working as a governor.

04.11.2019 Dr. Sofi has met a delegation of group of Ukrainian companies which they emphasizedon the improvement of Erbil and Kyiv communication and relations.

04.11.2019 Dr. Sofi has met a delegation from Iraqi air force.

05.11.2019 Dr. Sofi with company of general manager of Erbil antiquities directorate visited both historical places Helewa and ALiawa.

05.11.2019 in the office of governorate Dr. Sofi has hosted Abdulqadir Bin Sha'a the ambassador of Algeria.

06.11.2019 Dr. Sofi visited the reformatory of young offenders.

06.11.2019 Dr. Sofi participated in the 40th day grieving ceremony for passing away of Kurdish Artist Anwer Shekhany
07.11.2019 Dr. Sofi visited the union of Islamic scholars.
07.11.2019 Dr. Sofi supervised the meeting of industrial zones
10.11.2019 he visited the area of reparation industry.
11.11.2019 he launched the project of changing the electricity of Gird Jutiar and Ayinkawa.
11.11.2019 he hosted Hassan Dana Fer the director of board of Iran and Iraq investment.
13.11.2019 Dr. Sofi visited Ayinkawa town in the evening of the day.
14.11.2019 Dr. Sofi had a meeting with a number of investors of Erbil.
14.11.2019 Dr. Sofi launched the Green land production project.
16.11.2019 he hosted Falah Hassan the president of the committee of Iraqi Olympics and the previous player of Iraq with his committee members.
16.11.2019 Dr. Sofi has met with Erbil city's development committee
17.1.2019 he hosted Sven Krause German counsel general in Erbil.
18.11.2019 he visited Hiwa institute of the deaf
18.11.2019 he visited Soran stadium and the traffic affair office of the town.
19.11.2019 he hosted Ahmed Star the general director of Iraqi passport office
19.11.2019 he launched a number of project for Gwer district
20.11.2019 he participated in an extensive activity for the declaration of Children international day.
21.11.2019 he hosted Uimir Malsco the envoy of Slovakia.
24.11.2019 Dr. Soffi with the prime minister Masrur Barzany visited Erbil citadel.
25.11.2019 he participated in a campaign for elimination of violence against women.
25.11.2019 he hosted a delegation and the head of Armany tribe in Iraq
26.11.2019 he hosted Ahmed Alzahiri the UAE counsle general in Erbil.
27.11.2019 in the governorate divan he hoted Ismail Beshikchi the honourable friend of Kurdish.
27.11.2019 Dr. Sofi visited the wholesale green market with a group of professionals.
27.11.2019 he hosted Kurdistan Olympics committee.
28.11.2019 he participated in psychiatrics conference in Erbil.
11.12.2019 he visited the directory of Erbil environment and had a meeting with the general director and the head of its departments.
15.11.2019 in the research centre of Rudaw media institution (Erbil- Najaf forum) was held by participating a number of personalities from both Kurdish and Shi'aa to discuss the communications and relations between both parts and how to develop them.
16.11.2019 in the purpose of observing and evaluating the commitment of government employees in the official institutions and their service for the people in the area Dr. Sofi visited government institutions of Bahirka district in the morning at 8:15 of the day without any notice in advance to the institution.
16.12.2019 Dr. Sofi to follow up both projects of building a bridge and asphalting a road he visited the town of Korae
19.12.2019 in the presence of Dr. Sofi and a number of official directors and administration managers of government the ceremony of inauguration was held for physical relief center of red cross national committee.
15.12.2019 Dr. Sofi visited Erbil (Qaisari Bazzar - Sebiran Bazzar) to monitor the renovation of a number of shops in that market that were burnt few months ago due to an electrical glitch.
02.01.2020 Dr. Sofi in company with Hemin Qadir Faqeh deputy governor, Nabaz Abdulhamid district administrator of Erbil , Dr. Dlovan Mohammed Fatih general director of Health - Erbil, yousif Chawshin general director of social welfare visited the you (boys and girls ) shelters and the elderly house of Erbil.
08.01.2020 Dr. Sofi in company with Hein Qadir and Tahir Abdullah the governor deputies, Erbil neighborhood directory of education, teachers and the supervisors of the project, they launched Sana primary school for girls and boys in Sana city.
12.01.2020 Dr. Sofi visited Runaki institute for the blind, Roshna centre for IT, Autism centre and Awat institute for brain training, he was warmly welcomed by the managers and their staff.
Dr. Sofi in company with hemin Qadir and Tahir Abdullah governor deputies visited the zoo project of Erbil city.
02.02.2020 Dr. Sofi and his staff decided on cutting off the illegal usage of electricity by individuals and entities across Erbil governorate.
02.02.2020 Nabaz Abdulhamid the district administrator of Erbil with his committee, Hussein Hamad electrical engineer and the head of energy distribution office , the head of internal administration of governorate, police men and Asaiysh forces started a campaign for the misuse of the electricity by the people in Erbil city
20.02.2020 due to a heavy rain in Erbil city the rate of water raised in the streets of the city and fortunately it did not have any loss of lives as the related teams of municipality, civil protection and drainage and gutter professionals were present to prevent any damages.
by a decision from Dr. Sofi every sculptures inside Erbil city will be renovated, and in the time being some of them have been renovated.
04.03.2020 on budget from Erbil governorate the art department of municipality number 6 started a project under the name of ( Reshape) for preparation for putting stabilizer layer for asphalting the minor roads of Fenkawa on the main road of Erbil- Makhmour.
05.03.2020 in municipality number 3 repairing and asphalting the roads started.
09.03.2020 related teams of municipality number 6 started asphalting the roads of both (Mirza Ahmed and Nazimawa) alleys
Dr. Sofi announced that before the Nawroz feast Pirmam tunnel will be ready and launched to be used by people.
Dr. Sofi with a number of director and head of administration units of the city visited the meat and green market wholesale of Erbil, to closely inspect and observe the service and following up the health instructions by the sellers and ensure the quality and cleanness of the market.
16.03.2020 In the presence of Dr. Sofi Etbil city governor, Musa Ahmed the head of Barzany foundation for charity, Hemin Qadir deputy governor, the district administrator, general manager of Erbil health directory and the manager of Erbil municipalities working started in the project of building a hospital of 70 beds special for COVID-19 cases in Erbil.
17.03.2020 Dr. Sofi with a number of director and head of administration units of the city visited the meat and green market wholesale of Erbil, to closely inspect and ensure the quality service.
18.03.2020 Dr. Sofi visited the alleys that were damaged and families that were harmed for the heavy rain
22.03.2020 Dr. Sofi visited the check -points, the security and the emergency team for 122 line to evaluate their job and appreciated them for their loyalty and great job for serving the people of Erbil government.
23.03.2020 Dr. Sofi the governor, Hemin Qadir the deputy governor and the head of Erbil municipalities visited the team of repiar and asphalting the roads of Erbil centre to inspect and evaluate the working team in the project.
31.03.2020 Dr. Sofi the governor and Hemin Qadir the deputy governor visited Khabat district and have been warmly welcomed by the district administrator and the head of administration departments of the district.
Dr. Sofi visited Soran town and the district administrator
02.03.2020 Dr. Sofi the governor , Dr. Saman Barzinji the minister of health of KRG and the general manager of Erbil health visited the district administration office of Choman district.
13.04.2020 Dr. Sofi Etbil city governor visted Shqlawa town adn Balisan district.
02.05.2020 Dr. Sofi in the divan of governorate he welcomed and appreciated (Nazim Abdullah) the well-known hard working worker of Erbil for the international labour day.
05.05.2020 Dr. Sofi in company with Hemin Qadir Faqeh deputy governor, Nabaz Abdulhamid district administrator of Erbil , yousif Chawshin general director of social welfare visited the elderly house of Erbil.
06.05.2020 by an order from the governor the field ground of central emergency hospital being asphalted.
06.05.2020 Dr. Sofi visited the well known football player of Erbil football team (Diyar Rahman)
08.05.2020 Dr. Sofi had the iftar dinner with( the mother of three martyrs )
01.06.2020 by a decision from Dr. Sofi the charge of maintenances of resident projects reduced to lower price.
20.07.2020 Dr. Sofi in the company with the deputy governor, assistant governor , district administrator of Dashty hawler and the head of municipalities and reconstruction visitd (Kalakin) village.
25.07.2020 Dr. Sofi in a company with Masoud Karash the deputy governor visited (the retired centre) in Baghi shar.
06.08.2020 Dr. Sofi the governor, Masoud Karash the deputy governor and the head of sewerage system and drain pipes visited Rawanduz district and have been warmly welcomed by Ahmed Qadir the district administrator to discuss and solve the problems of water drainages in the town.
16.08.2020 in the presence of Dr. Sofi the governor and the minister of electricity and power
18.08.2020 by an order form Dr. Sofi the project of providing water pipeline in alleys and avenues Rwanduz started.
23.08.2020 A budget of 48,000,000 IQD from the Erbil governorate was provided for reducing the risk of fire and burning of recycles in Qirzhala.
On the budget of Erbil governorate the project of providing waterpipes for Roshinbiry avenue started.
31.08.2020 Dr. Sofi Erbil governor in a company with Mr. Masrur Barzany the prime minister of KRG visited the project of highway of Erbil- Duhok.