Meeting of the Governor of Erbil with the Deputy British Ambassador to Iraq and Her Accompanying Delegation

 Meeting of the Governor of Erbil with the Deputy British Ambassador to Iraq and Her Accompanying Delegation

On Monday, June 24, 2024, Erbil Governor Omed Khoshnaw, accompanied by Naz Jalal, Director of Erbil EJCC, received Rosie Cave, Deputy British Ambassador to Iraq and her accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, the Governor welcomed the delegation and discussed the longstanding history of relations and collaboration between the Kurdistan Region and the UK across various domains. Emphasis was placed on the ongoing enhancement and progress of these relations.

During the meeting, migration and refugee issues were also addressed, with the governor stating that the Kurdistan Regional Government, along with the British Consulate and Embassy, will coordinate and collaborate to mitigate the migration phenomenon.

The governor also highlighted the factors contributing to illegal immigration, noting that since 2014, with the onset of ISIS attacks and militia actions, along with financial crises and reductions in financial entitlements, hundreds of thousands of refugees arriving in the Kurdistan Region have led to decreased job opportunities. This situation has prompted citizens to consider migrating once more. In contrast, prior to these challenges, economic stability and increased job opportunities had previously attracted reverse migration to the Kurdistan Region from other countries.


He emphasized their commitment to combat smugglers through legal means and prevent all forms of human trafficking.

He mentioned that due to the conflict and challenges in the region, Erbil has accommodated 344,000 refugees from Iraq and Syria, providing them with comprehensive living services including camps, schools, and healthcare.

The British delegation, in turn, described the Kurdistan Region as a crucial partner for the UK in the region, emphasizing the significance of maintaining robust relations between Erbil and London.

The delegation also acknowledged the significance of the migration center in Erbil and all other provinces of the Kurdistan Region, expressing their readiness to provide full support to the center. Their aim is to diminish illegal migration and promote reverse migration.